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Piano Keys

Caleb's Piano Tuning and Repair

Based out of Shorewood, IL


Piano Tuning

A standard tuning is good for the average piano kept tuned yearly. Pianos that haven't been serviced in the past few years may need a pitch adjustment when the tension in a piano's strings over a long period of time causes the pitch of the piano to change significantly.

Piano Deep Cleaning

Tired of the dust inside of your piano or dirty keys? Piano deep cleaning includes cleaning the piano keys, under the strings, vacuuming out the inside and shining up the outside.

Piano Voicing

Removes the grooves in the hammers to to make your piano sound more musical and like new. This can make a major difference to improve the sound of older pianos with heavy usage.

Repairs longer than 15 minutes

If you have sticking keys, pedal adjustments or easy fix issues that require less than 15 minutes I'll take care of those free of charge. Longer repairs are at an hourly rate.

Grand Piano

Hi! My name is Caleb. I started my first piano "tuning" at 13 years old on the piano I learned to play on. Since then I have been tuning pianos and it is my passion to help you enjoy making good music by keeping your instrument in musical condition!

Piano Tuning:
Digital Technology with Analog Music

I use the Sanderson Accu-Tuner III for piano tunings. This is no ordinary instrument tuner. It is an electronic tuner specifically designed for pianos, and it never has an off day. Each piano requires a slightly different "stretch" tuning to make the piano's sound optimal and this remarkable digital technology calculates the distinctive tuning required for your piano. Learn more about the Accu-Tuner:

Looking for a "New"(er) Piano?

If you are looking to buy a piano off FB Marketplace and need an opinion I've got your back! Give me a call and I can come check out the piano as see if it's worth the move.

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